We picked up our Zinfandel grapes from Fair Play Farms in El Dorado County this morning. Fair Play Farms is where Perry Creek gets their grapes for their premium high altitude (2401) wines. They taste great, and the numbers are pretty much right where I want them to be. A crowd of people showed up at the winery to help crush them, and we had it knocked out in just a couple hours. Thanks everyone! Once everything was crushed and the equipment cleaned up, I pulled off 6 gallons of juice to make into a Zin Rosé.

The sugar fluctuated from between 23 and 25 brix. I’ll take another reading tomorrow before adding yeast and see if it’s settled on something.

pH was at 3.5. This is maybe slightly less acid than I want. However, TA was .85%, which indicates slightly more acid than I want…so what do I do? My current thinking is to do some research tonight and test again tomorrow before making any adjustments at all.