How many pounds?

We’re getting closer to the crush now (2-4 weeks away), and I’m working on the winery every chance I get. Here are some updates…please call or email me if you have some time to help or answers to any of the questions/problems below:

  • We ordered 1500 lbs of grapes. I’m thinking this is way to much. Read this: Also, I don’t really have a way to transport more than 1000 lbs (not enough containers). I may just make an executive decision and cut our grape order to 1000 or 1200 lbs.
  • I’m having a hard time keeping the winery under 85 degrees when it’s so hot outside. I really need to install some insulation.
  • I bought a truck. It’s a diesel 1993 GMC Sierra 3500. It’s a monster. It has a gem top, and I’m going to need some help taking that off before we go get the grapes.
  • I’ve been trying to work out the logistics of the whole process. Certain parts are starting to come together…but I’ve never done wine on this scale and so I’m pretty confused and a bit frightened at this point, actually. I’ll write up another post later and try to map out the whole process.
  • Several more people have expressed an interest in getting involved. I’ll be writing an email very soon with a list of things I need help with.