The season of releasing the Grapefruit Wine has begun!

Tomorrow will be the first official tasting of the Bad Astronauts Galactic Grapefruit Wine. We did an unofficial tasting a little while ago in Sonoma, but since then, we’ve gotten approval on the label, printed the labels, and labeled and foiled the bottles. Tomorrow, we’ll be pouring grapefruit wine at the Sacramento Institute of Fun’s Jazz De-Mystified event (the Institute of Fun is another one of the businesses I’m involved with, by the way).

Next weekend, we’ll be pouring at Revolution Wines’ Christmas Walk.Big things are happening for the Bad Astronauts.

Galactic Grapefruit Coming Soon!

We’re completing our focus group testing and getting the label ready to be printed. We expect that Galactic Grapefruit Wine will be available for purchase in time for Thanksgiving.

This weekend, Jeff took a bottle to Philadelphia, and I shared a bottle with Molly, John, and Maya here in Sacramento. Grapefruit Wine has now been enjoyed by people on both coasts as well as by someone who has been to space!

Sonoma Home Winemaker Pouring

Yesterday, Margaret and I poured Bad Astronauts wine at the Sonoma Home Winemakers Celebration. We met a lot of people, including a couple who were going to astronaut Rusty Schweickart‘s house for dinner and wanted a bottle of Bad Astronauts Galactic Grapefruit wine to bring him! We gave them one, of course! I hope they post something here about how he liked it and whether he’d be willing to be the good astronaut spokesperson for Bad Astronauts wine!

We also met a guy who’s dad worked for mission control in Houston and who described himself as a “Space Baby”. He very much enjoyed our wine.

This was our first public Bad Astronauts pouring, and it was a huge success. Everyone who tasted our wines loved them, the Galactic Grapefruit was a hit with the crowd, and we raised some money for Sonoma High School while having a lot of fun!